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Semiconductor fabs often use a large variety of gases and chemicals while clean rooms tend to be large, enclosed spaces, leading to higher risk of fires. Fire prevention measures used in these facilities also differ from those traditionally employed. In April 1999, UMC established a high tech Fire Brigade under the Group Risk Management & Environmental, Safety and Health Division, making us the only electronics company with a dedicated fire brigade in Taiwan. The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) Fire Brigade of UMC was officially founded in 2013, which is responsible for safeguarding and performing emergency rescues within the STSP plant sites. In 2017, we assisted our joint venture USCXM(Xiamen) to establish their fire brigade.
Fire fighters in the Brigade serve 2-year terms, and UMC fire brigade has established a 19th years in 2017. Personnel composition included 13 full-time fire fighters and 93 members delegated to specific tasks. Most fire fighters and members of the Brigade are holders of Master's degrees and skilled in semiconductor processes, making the UMC Fire Brigade the best educated firefighting team in Taiwan. We have training hundreds of fire fighters who is still working at UMC or other company, and they are still contribute the skill at the emergency response field.


Professional Skill Training

Professional firefighting training: Training themes focus on basic orientation training for new recruits, which would then be followed by strategy and tactical training. Every new member must undergo professional disaster relief training and examination which would include professional disaster rescue for simulated fires and response skills to oxidation disasters. In order to improve and maintain firefighting skills and professional competencies of Brigade members, practical training and exercises were carried out regularly every month in order to improve disaster response abilities. During their term in the UMC Fire Brigade, members would participate in both organizational and external rescue missions.
Emergency response training for fellow employees: UMC also organizes emergency response training for the entire company to educate and improve employees’ knowledge of safety, protection, and emergency response skills. Practical exercises and examinations including various training courses, building safety evacuation drills, and unannounced day-time / night-time / theme-based fire drills were implemented to establish the concepts of fire prevention, fire safety, and disaster response within the minds of every employee , at the same time employees can get the exercise experience .
In addition, an “ERT Competition” Activity was held in 2017 during UMC's Work Safety Environmental Protection Month. Through the participation of games and competition involving emergency response skills, these skills were significantly improved among employees.

Advanced Rescue Equipment

The UMC fire brigade is among the top fire brigades in Taiwan in terms of its equipment and training. The UMC fire brigade is equipped with thermal vision helmets, which enable fire fighters to rapidly search for and extinguish the source of fire in a smoked-filled room. Moreover, UMC also adopts an internally developed mobile spray sprinkler system in its cleanrooms and high-risk areas. This system possesses several advantages such as zero pollution, conservative water use, portability, etc.



Social Responsibility of UMC Fire Brigade

In 2017, UMC fire brigade cooperated with local government fire department to pull out the Rulan company's fire accident at Hsinchu Science Park. During the process we provide the good instruction and suggestion to put out fire quickly and reducing the property loss.
We also are invited by the different government departments to participate in large-scale drills at Hsin-chu and Tainan area, and the purpose to attend drills are to gain the common exercise experience and teach the government department member advanced response skill with toxic chemical disaster and industry fire disaster. In coordination with the UMC Culture and Education Foundation, the UMC fire brigade also conducted safety education in elementary schools to instill and ingrain disaster prevention into community consciousness and conduct. The brigade also provided fire safety consultation and inspection to the Company's energy conservation and safety teams.

Community Fire Education
Provided fire safety education to the Elementary school students


Assisted with accident response and rescue in Hsin-chu /Tainan scientist Park and their nearby communities.

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