Major Board Meeting Resolutions for 2019

Meeting Date

Major Resolutions


• Approved the 2018 Business Report and Financial Statements
• Approved the 2018 distributable compensation for employees and directors
• Approved the 2018 Dividend Distribution
• Approved termination of the issuance plan for private placement, which was approved at the 2018 Annual General Meeting
• Approved the date of convening the 2019 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting, meeting agenda and submission period for shareholder proposals
• Approved for UMC's Singapore branch to lend funds to UNITED SEMICONDUCTOR (XIAMEN) CO., LTD.
• Approved the capital reduction for the cancellation of treasury shares
• Approved UMC's donation to UMC Science and Culture Foundation
• Approved to designate a Company Secretary


• Approved the Q1, 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements
• Approved capital budget execution
• Approved addition of proposals of the 2019 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting
• Approved the Company’s 20th share repurchase program

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