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    In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility initiatives and to promote economic, environmental, and social advancement for purposes of sustainable development, UMC established its Corporate Sustainability Committee and promoted our corporate social responsibility principles to manage economic, environmental and social risks and impact.
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    The Corporate Sustainability Committee is the highest level Corporate Social Responsibility organization within UMC. The Committee coordinates company-wide corporate social responsibility, and formulates the direction and goals of sustainable development. The President acts as chairman of the CS Committee and reviews progress every six months. The performance and plans are reported to the Board of Directors.
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    The CSR report is compiled according to the GRI standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for global sustainability reports, and verified by 3rd party according to the Account Ability 1000 Assurance Standard.

    UMC follows ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility Guidance), Electronic Industry Code of Conduct and introduces various management systems to promote corporate social responsibility affairs. The management systems include ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, IECQ HSPM QC 080000, ISO 50001, ISO 22301, ISO 15408, etc.
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    UMC has regularly received numerous CSR awards for much of the past decade, such as being selected as a DJSI global component for the past eight years, listing in Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Top 100 Ranking, winning the National Sustainable Development Award, Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award, Ten Most Sustainable Company Awards, Corporate Social Responsibility Award, etc.
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Employees FAQs

    We truly welcome all kinds of people who recognize our enterprise culture. UMC’s core values emphasize customer orientation, integrity, innovation, accountability and efficiency. Anyone interested in the semiconductor industry and has an aggressive learning attitude is welcomed.

    The interview procedures included:
    1. Review of the candidate’s file
    2. Logic test
    3. Risk scenario test
    4. TOEIC test
    5. Aptitude test
    6. Interview

    The entire process takes approximately 3 hours.

    Review of the interview results vary with each department. Generally, candidates can expect will receive a decision in 2~3 weeks. Candidates can call to inquire about the interview results after one week.

    UMC is committed to providing employees with comprehensive and high-quality services. All employees are entitled to one month of rent-free living in the dormitories, and unlimited use of free shuttle buses that service all UMC sites.

    UMC employee salary is based on educational background, work performance and market value. No employee will be discriminated against due to gender, race, religious beliefs, political stance or marital status. UMC employees in Taiwan enjoy salaries that are higher than the minimum wage stipulated by the Labor Standards Act. In order to ensure that UMC salaries are market-competitive, we participate in a compensation surveys conducted by a well-known global consulting companies. Furthermore, to attract, retain and motivate talented employees, UMC develops and implements an appropriate and well-balanced compensation framework, including salary increases, incentive & profit sharing bonuses and equity compensation (stock option plans and treasury stock), etc., based on the individual’s performance, responsibility and potential.

    UMC conducts an annual, company-wide evaluation for every employee, to determine if corporate, department and individual goals have been achieved. Work performance and employee training development are also taken into consideration for promotion and payroll adjustments. The focus of the evaluation includes past and future work review and goals, work attitude and competency improvements. Based on the evaluation of current job responsibility, capability and values required for future career plans, employees and their supervisors share a commitment to prioritize key developments and jointly formulate development plans.
    Those employees who perform poorly are guided through key improvement plans to enhance their performance.

    UMC is continually expanding its business scope with factories in Taiwan, China and Singapore and offices in Japan, Korea, Europe, and the United States. Employees with adequate professional experience will have opportunities to apply locally or transfer to another office to diversify their learning opportunities.

    In UMC, education and training is not limited to classroom instruction or promotion of training courses. Through the integration and use of company resources, employees are provided with a full learning environment.
    UMC offers complete technical skills curriculum, managerial training tailored for all levels of management and language proficiency courses and tests according to job position. In terms of departmental and inter-departmental On-the –Job Training (OJT), UMC’s Education and Training Committee's top-down training orientation and education allows department directors and their employees to fully participate in the planning, implementation and learning assessment. Moreover, diverse self-learning and development channels, such as e-Learning, create an atmosphere of mutual peer education, development and team cooperation to form a comprehensive environment for enrichment, sharing and innovation. In addition, UMC has advanced learning grants available to support high performers seeking to obtain advanced degrees.

    UMC attaches great importance to staff's work-life balance. The company regularly arranges a variety of sports and arts activities that employees can join to relieve stress. For example, UMC holds interdepartmental sports competitions to promote cross-departmental friendship. The company also holds "UMC Arts season" to organize art lectures, exhibitions, concerts and other activities, and guides employees to appreciate the beauty of art.
    In order to build cohesion of all employees, UMC holds company-wide events such as "Family Day", "One-day travel", and a year-end party and concert. Through creative activities, UMC employees can stay healthy in body and mind.
    For recreation facilities, UMC's "United Activity Center" provides modern sports facilities, a multipurpose stadium, swimming pool and other venues and features.

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