Testing Services

UMC's testing services incorporate the latest software and hardware solutions to provide efficient, streamlined testing. Full service testing areas are located within all of UMC's 200mm and 300mm facilities. Customers can monitor test yield and WIP stages via the My UMC online customer web portal.

Furthermore, UMC also offers verified package solutions, with an emphasis on solution development. With a robust low-K probing solution and advanced backend structures such as BOAC, UMC's development methodology is critical to ensure compatibility between silicon and package material.

Test Program Development & Services

Testing Solution Development

• Excellent and Diverse Experience in Program Development
• Professional Hardware Design and Probe Card Making
• Work with Customers for Cost Effective Test Solution Development

Volume Production

• Quick Silicon Validation for Fast Yield Feedback
• Proactive Customized Test / Alert Report for Yield Monitor
• Production Yield Monitoring and Improvement by Bin Limit Control Mechanism

Customized Service

• Remote Access Tester to Expedite Validation
• Probing, Cleaning, & Probing Recipe optimization
• Product Characterization by Corner Wafers

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