Advanced Automation

Wafers are transported automatically in a Front Opening Universal Pod (FOUP) that has a capacity of 25 wafers. In addition, lot movement is executed using Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) for interbay moves, which hand off the FOUPs to Rail Guided Vehicles (RGV) for intrabay moves. This system is typically around 3 to 4 times faster than the standard Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) intrabay system common in 200-mm fabs. Our newest 300mm fabs also feature equipment-to-equipment communication technology to further increase operating efficiency.

300 Fab Automation- UMC responds to the rigorous requirements for manufacturing efficiency, flexibility, and control with state-of-the art automated systems featuring Front Opening Universal Pods (FOUPs), Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHs), and overhead Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV).

Ultimately, UMC's leadership in 300mm production results in increased cost-efficiency and faster time to market for our customers. As die size increases with more and more advanced technology features being integrated into today's system on chip (SOC) designs, these factors become increasingly important for companies to maintain their competitiveness.

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