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Panasonic and UMC Partner for 40nm ReRAM Process Platform

Joint venture sets the foundation for Panasonic’s full-scale ReRAM production at UMC


Osaka, Japan and Hsinchu, Taiwan, February 2, 2017 – Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. ("PSCS") and United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC; TWSE: 2303) ("UMC"), a leading global semiconductor foundry, have reached an agreement  to jointly develop next-generation 40nm Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM) technology for mass production at UMC.

ReRAM, similar to mainstream flash memory, is a type of non-volatile memory that features a simple structure, high-speed processing and low power consumption. Panasonic first entered mass production for 0.18um ReRAM in 2013 on its MN101LR product series, which were successfully implemented into 8-bit microcontrollers used in low-power applications such as portable medical and healthcare devices. Panasonic then became the first company in its industry to obtain reliability certification on memory arrays for 40nm ReRAM.

The cooperation agreement will enable the integration of PSCS’s 40nm ReRAM with UMC's world-class CMOS process to achieve a ReRAM technology platform that incorporates embedded memories in place of flash, improving the performance of a wide range of electronics such as those used in IC cards, wearable products and IoT devices.

PSCS is expected to ship product samples based on UMC's 40nm process in 2018. The two companies will offer the co-developed ReRAM process platform to other semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers from around the world.

PSCS President Kazuhiro Koyama said, "PSCS was the first in the industry to mass produce ReRAM. This cooperation with UMC will extend the range of optimal products that meet customer needs by developing a scaling process platform that will accelerate the market adoption of ReRAM. We look forward to working with UMC to bring 40nm ReRAM to high volume production."

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Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions for customers in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive, enterprise solutions and device industries. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates 474 subsidiaries and 94 associated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.553 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2016. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company uses its technologies to create a better life and a better world for its customers. To learn more about Panasonic:

About UMC
UMC (NYSE: UMC, TWSE: 2303) is a leading global semiconductor foundry that provides advanced IC production for applications spanning every major sector of the electronics industry. UMC’s robust foundry solutions enable chip designers to leverage the company’s sophisticated technology and manufacturing, which include high volume production 28nm gate-last High-K/Metal Gate technology, ultra-low power platform processes specifically engineered for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and the automotive industry’s highest-rated AEC-Q100 Grade-0 manufacturing capabilities for production of ICs found in cars. UMC’s 11 wafer fabs are strategically located throughout Asia and are able to produce over 500,000 wafers per month. The company employs nearly 19,000 people worldwide, with offices in Taiwan, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the United States. UMC can be found on the web at



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