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UMC Auto is a comprehensive platform that consists of a broad portfolio of automotive AEC-Q100 qualified technology solutions, backed by robust manufacturing processes that comply with rigorous IATF-16949 automotive quality standards for all UMC fabs. In addition, UMC is selectively developing certified design models, IP, and Foundry Design Kits specific to the UMC Auto platform in order to fulfill the increasing pace of evolvement of the auto industry supply chain, helping chip designers capture new market opportunities as Internet of Things (IoT) and increased use of sensors permeate into auto applications.

UMC Auto Design Enablement Kit

UMC's Auto IC Superiority

UMC’s provides distinct competitive advantages for automotive IC manufacturing. We have years of experience manufacturing a variety of automotive ICs that can be found in dozens of the world’s most well-known auto makers, including analog PMIC, LCD Display Driver and CIS products for a variety of auto applications. We are also currently producing various key electronic components including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), safety, body control, infotainment and under-hood ICs. These technologies are backed by robust auto manufacturing processes, with multiple certifications for stringent auto IC quality, reliability, production and security including:

- AEC-Q100 Qualified Process Technologies
- IATF-16949 Automotive manufacturing quality standards for all fabs
- ISO 22301 Certification for Business Continuity (foundry first)
- AEC-Q100 Grade 0 Manufacturing Experience
- ISO 15408 EAL6 Certified to produce Security ICs (foundry first)


The Security Advantage

In addition to UMC meeting or exceed the automotive industry’s most stringent quality and reliability criteria, we place a premium on IC security. UMC was the first foundry in Taiwan to provide IC manufacturing services that comply with ISO 15408 Common Criteria, joining an elite 1% of all companies and products worldwide to be certified ISO 15408 EAL6 or above. This security qualification signifies UMC’s ability to provide rigorous security protection during the manufacturing process, which is required by the majority of IC products deployed in sensitive applications that need to be highly secure such as automotive sensors for door locks, navigation, etc.

UMC Auto – Your Best Foundry Choice for Automotive IC Manufacturing Peace of Mind

UMC’s extensive experience for a wide variety of automotive applications, stringent and unmatched levels of certification for quality, reliability, zero-defect manufacturing and IC security, and our commitment to long-term automotive partnerships means competitive advantages for auto IC companies. We understand the work and effort involved in bringing automotive ICs to fruition, have a proven track record for auto IC manufacturing success, and are ready to bring these benefits to you. We look forward to enabling more customers to realize these opportunities through our innovative UMC Auto solutions platform.

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