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Jul 15, 2021

2020 UMC Corporate Social Responsibility Report Published Taking the Lead to Disclose Implementation of Corporate Governance 3.0 SASB and TCFD Dual Verification

UMC’s 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report was officially published on July 8. This report is UMC’s 16th annual report disclosing the state of the company’s sustainable development, and this is the 21st consecutive year that the company has issued a public, non-financial sustainability annual report. In response to the corporate governance 3.0 plan—a roadmap for sustainable development promoted by the government—UMC has adopted the Semiconductors Sustainability Accounting Standard 2018 set forth by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework to strengthen UMC’s ESG transparency. The SASB and TCFD disclosure frameworks have been verified by an impartial third-party institute, making UMC the first domestic company to obtain dual verification.


Co-Presidents SC Chien and Jason Wang are Chairmen of the ESG Steering Committee. They stated that in response to the heightening focus in global sustainability trends on ESG governance, UMC established the ESG Steering Committee, composed of core operational managers, in the fourth quarter of 2020. The new position of sustainability officer was established, which means that all UMC operational decisions will take sustainable development into account. It is expected that through organizational transformation, sustainability will become the core of UMC’s culture and part of company employees’ DNA. In this way, UMC will achieve ESG while pursuing business performance.


2020 marks UMC’s 40th anniversary. But it is also the year when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and turned everyone’s life upside-down. Through this year’s CSR report, UMC explains to stakeholders the results of its investments in various aspects of ESG, and the company’s preparedness for pandemic prevention. UMC continues to provide wafer fabrication solutions that meet market trends and customers’ needs. It also strives to achieve annual governance, environmental, and social goals. As a leader in wafer manufacturing, but faced with a pandemic to deploy against, UMC has taken the lead from the start to ensure that operations are not affected. By adopting super hot run (SHRs) in fulfilling urgent orders, the company has made good use of its core business capacity production advantages to accelerate production of medical chips. UMC stands along with everyone fighting the pandemic to protect people’s health. Through cooperation with value chain partners, the company has donated ultraviolet disinfection robots to directly provide medical care workers on the front lines with energy to fight the pandemic.


In the future, UMC will continue to cooperate with global business partners and stakeholders, working hand in hand to exert positive influence. In moving toward sustainable corporate development, in addition to creating synergy among value chain partners, UMC will greatly contribute to positive development of the overall economy, environment, and society. Meanwhile, in upholding the principles of sincerity, pragmatism, transparency, and sustainability, the company publishes CSR reports to help the public understand UMC’s corporate sustainability philosophy and practices.


For more UMC actions on sustainability, please see UMC’s 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Download URL: https://www.umc.com/zh-TW/Download/corporate_sustainability_reports