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  • Introduction
  • 28HPCU/HPCU+ (with High-k/ metal gate stack)

    UMC's 28nm High-k/metal gate stack (HPCU/ HPCU+) supports broad device options for increased flexibility and performance requirements, targeting a wide range of products such as application processor, cellular baseband, WLAN, Tablet, FPGA and Networking ICs. The High-k/ metal gate stack and abundant options for device voltages, memory bit-cells and underdrive/ overdrive capabilities help SoC designers realize unmatched performance and battery life.

  • Introduction
  • 28HLP - with enhanced SiON

    UMC's 28nm High Performance Low Power (28HLP) process provides a natural migration path from 40nm with easy adoption, fast-time-to-market, and a very favorable performance / cost ratio. UMC’s SiON solution delivers vastly improved performance and power consumption for customers demanding more speed for their particular application, with a 10% speed increase over other 28nm SiON industry offerings.