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Commitment to Sustainability

UMC is committed to the philosophy of “employee care, environmental focus and public service”, and furthering sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and guiding society towards a positive cycle. UMC sustainable development is built on the vision of “creating a friendly global ecology where the new value is people orientation, co-existence with the environment and shared social prosperity,” ”Customers, shareholders, employees, the environment and society“ are the primary focus of joint pursuit of sustainable growth.

Sustainable Policy

The triple dimensions of business continuity and sustainable development, namely 1. economic development, 2. environmental development and 3. community development, are mutually supporting and influencing. Through UMC strategies and plans for long-term integration, long-term sustainable development is achieved. UMC has always upheld the philosophy of sustainable development. Business continuity, long-term partnerships with customers and community groups, corporate social responsibility and maintaining advanced safety, health and environmental standards have always been incorporated into UMC policies. Moreover, the company complies with Responsible Business Alliance ( RBA) Code of Conduct and the 10 principles of UN Global Compact to ensure human rights, labor care, workplace safety, anti-corruption and environmental protection.

Corporate Sustainability Committee Organization and Operation

Organization and Function

The Corporate Sustainability Committee is the highest level Corporate Social Responsibility organization within UMC. The Committee coordinates company-wide corporate social responsibility, and formulates the direction and goals of sustainable development. The Committee Chair and members regularly review the committee's performance and progress.

The Corporate Sustainability Committee has seven functional committees: Corporate Governance Committee, Customer Relationship Management Committee, Supplier Management Committee, Innovation Technology Committee, Human Rights and Social Participation Committee, Environment Committee and Green Manufacturing Committee. The Committee Chair reviews annual progress every six months. The Sustainability Office of the Corporate Sustainability Committee will report the yearly CSR promotion results and plans to the Board of Directors.

• Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents and Senior Division Directors of the Operations Organization functional departments serve as the administrators of the various committees.

Descriptions of Committee Functions




Help strengthen the function of the Board and shareholder equity, integrate related regulations and policies of relevant departments, and help complete and implement the company’s internal control system to ensure information transparency and disclosure, and compliance with regulations.


Refine customer service and quality control, improve service quality and customer satisfaction, and protect customer interests and relevant trade secrets.

Supplier Management Committee

To establish a protective environment and emphasize obligation to society, labor rights, security and health while pursuing the goal of a continuously evolving supply chain, this sub-committee develops long-term partnerships with vendors for quality, cost leadership, delivery, service/response, and sustainability.

Innovation Technology Committee

Promote green product research and development and innovations, and lead in cutting edge green technology.

Human Rights

Responsible for protecting the basic rights of employees and promoting communication with outside communities and society. Integrate the UMC Cultural and Educational Foundation, and with focus on education, arts, sports, public service and environmental protection, strive to promote technological research and development cooperation, long-term educational assistance, arts and sports activities and other social welfare events.

Environment Committee

Promote company-wide environmental, safety and health, energy, water and greenhouse gas emission management. Establish sustainable supply chains and long-term partnership with suppliers to enhance sustainable competitiveness.


Promote company-wide green process, such as hazardous materials management and increase in resource productivity.

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