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Fab 12A - UMC's First Green Building To Gain Local EEWH Certification and LEED-NC

Fab 12A is UMC's advanced process technology and manufacturing base located in Tainan Science Park. The third and fourth phases of Fab 12A have both successfully obtained Taiwan's Gold Certification for Green Buildings in 2011 and obtained LEED Gold Certification in 2012.

UMC Green Building Concept




Green Building Concept were introducted in 2007, and implemented to Fab 12A P3 and P4



A U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) program started in 1998.


Bring benefits to ecology, energy conservation, waste and carbon reduction.



Promote sustainable building and provide a green building standard.


Improve employee productivity and provide an excellent working environment



The most widely used international green building certification system.

UMC Green Building Design

Ecological, Green, Water-retaining Design

  • Applied surrounding forest landscaping to decrease impact on habitat migration.
  • Created ecological ponds for the purpose of both flood detention and rain water reclamation
  • Inter-lock brick type pavement was applied
  • Used permeable sloping design for unexcavated areas
  • Replaced conventional AC pavement design for all internal access points to improve rain water retention capability.

Energy-saving Air Conditioning Design

  • Adopt VAV air conditioning systems in all offices
  • Applied free-cooling control mode during the winter season
  • A comprehensive heat pump design has been introduced across the board as a boiler auxiliary to retrieve cooling loads back to the central chilled plant for water-return. These have contributed greatly to annual natural gas conservation.

Energy-saving Lighting Design

Fab 12A P3&P4 introduced energy-saving fluorescent lamps with low-loss electronic ballast and metal halide lamps to improve lighting controllability. These have made huge contributions to annual energy conservation with the same designed illumination. This year was the first time that LEDs for fab cleanrooms were being assessed to see if production conditions would remain unaffected with the reduced lighting.

Renewable energy in-situ design

Solar power systems are installed to generate renewable energy for fabs.

UMC’s Green Building Characteristics

Biological Diversity

  • Ecological Green Net: Creating a continuous green zone around the plant, increasing bio-migration, foraging area or opportunity.
  • Small biological habitat: creating a green reservoir with porous revetments, mixed forests, shrub area, to meet the needs of different organisms.
  • Plant diversity: Choosing native plants to attract birds and butterflies, and creating a diverse biological habitat.


  • Ecological restoration layer: Creating a mixed layer of plants by using plants of different heights.
  • Plant spacing: Planting large trees on the road side and giving the trees sufficient space to grow.
  • Three-dimensional green space: Increasing the soil layer above the basement of the OB Building to increase the 3-D green space for plant growth.

Green Factory

Using past promotional experience and success of its departments in source reduction, recycling and reuse, UMC employs outside green building and ecology experts and collaborates with relevant academic programs to plan and construct green buildings that are consistent with the US LEED and domestic EEWH standards. In 2010, the company participated in the Green Factory Promotion Alliance, which integrates industrial, governmental and academic forces, to help the government formulate a green building and clean production evaluation system for developing Green Factory standards for Taiwan.

In 2012, the company's new fab in Tainan Science Park and over 17-year old Fab 8A in Hsinchu Science Park were awarded the 1st Green Factory logo by the Industrial Development Bureau. Moreover, Fab 8A was the first 8-inch foundry facility in the nation to receive the award. In 2013, UMC redoubled its efforts to have all its Taiwan factories achieve the Industrial Development Bureau certification for clean production.

• UMC Future Plans for Green Building and Green Fab
1. Designs for new fabs will adhere to green building, green factory and smart building principles.
2. Existing fabs will undergo green building and green factory assessments, and green design and construction will be gradually incorporated.

• 2017 Performance
UMC Fab 8F and Fab 8S plants were awarded Green Building Certificates by the Ministry of the Interior.
UMC Fab 12A P5&6 plants were awarded the Diamond Level Green Building Certificates by the Ministry of the Interior.
USCXM, a UMC subsidiary, received the Gold Level Green Building Certificate from US-based LEED.

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