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UMC Public Welfare Invest- Let Hope Grow Program

UMC understands that its business success comes not only from employees’ efforts, but also a peaceful community. Therefore, since being established, UMC has adhered to the principle that corporations need to work for the society as a long-term approach. We work hard for business growth, and also work hard to contribute to society in the meantime. Key issues of public welfare activities are according to the LBG model. UMC not only links its corporate strategy but also evaluates the influence to corporations and the community of each activity. UMC’s main activities for social participation in 2017 are as follows:
1. Core plan of six communities
2. Promote and implement environmental protection policy
3. Human rights and labor-management issues
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“Let Hope Grow – Cultivating New Driving Forces for the Future”


UMC's volunteer culture has always been praised by employees. From "the Candle Light Society" to "UMC Science and Culture Foundation", UMC spends considerable effort to strengthen volunteer culture and to train volunteers. In addition to the Candle Light Society and UMC Science and Culture Foundation, UMC has an outdoor fun club which offers tutoring for minority pupils in remote mountain areas and our ESH department to promote long-term environmental protection. Furthermore, UMC provides free sources for children from disadvantaged families. Volunteers collaborate with the government to hold all kinds of activities that help to spread UMC volunteers’ working culture.

UMC believes education is an effective way to improve human capital in Taiwan, so it started the “Spreading the Seeds of Hope” program in 2005, the 25th anniversary for UMC, to advance education for children from disadvantaged families.

UMC had invested 170 million to assist over 6000 children from disadvantaged families until 2017, and this program is ongoing.



Seeds of Hope

-Tutoring Children from Disadvantaged Families

Seed of hope tutors the children from disadvantaged families in Hsinchu and Tainan. UMC Science and Culture Foundation and UMC Candlelight Club work on seasonal activities and occasionally host camping and visiting activities in order to take care of the children and share the proper values and attitude with them.



“Seed of Life Education”

-Promoting Life Education

“Seed of Life Education” focuses on helping disadvantaged youth to find the bright side of life and strengthen themselves. In order to help indigenous children and disadvantaged youth realize the meaning of life, UMC started Life Education volunteer training class for employees and their families. They visit remote areas and have summer camps to tutor and take care of children.

Moreover, UMC Love Storyteller Club achieved similar goals through different media including stage plays. In particular, club members spend their free time during workdays to rehearse and ensure the stage is set up properly. This is also a form of life education for themselves and their family members. During these four years, the club brought lots of joy and emotion for over ten thousand students. Moreover, their activities may inspire these children to dream and try to make those dreams come true someday.



“Seed of Me 2 We”

-Promoting Reading Habits

“Me 2 We Reading Club” is formed by UMC employees. They enjoy reading within company and train others to be storyteller volunteers as well. Reading clubs held 24 activities in remote areas and served 500 students in 2017.



“Seed of Green Energy”

-Promoting and Educating Green Energy Talents

In view of the growing severity of global warming, environmental issues have become a responsibility for everyone. In addition to striving to become a low-carbon supply chain and green energy industry in its operations, UMC diligently supports environmental activities and promotes environmental education. Every year, UMC holds Environmental Protection Month to promote environmental protection and green ideas within the organization. In 2016, UMC held Earth Day and a launched the ceremony for the UMC Eco Echo Award. During the event, UMC announced the donation of 1 million NTD every year for the “UMC Eco Echo Award”, which annually subsidizes outstanding innovative proposals in eco protection to promote sustainable development of the participating environmental groups. For more details, visit: .



“Seed of Semiconductor”

-Educating High-tech Talents

To fulfill the ideal of promoting semiconductor research and technical development, and strengthening UMC global competitiveness by providing the corporation with a source of outstanding and quality talents, UMC is committed to maintaining forward-looking collegiate relationships. In 2017, UMC focused on 2 major orientations in its collegiate relationships: (1) Positioning outstanding R&D talents, and (2) In-depth development of talents from technical colleges. In addition, university-industry collaboration and prospective talent programs are two major directions of development.

UMC continued to strengthen business-education partnerships in 2016. In addition to existing practical programs for semiconductor technologies in key institutions, the Industry-Academia Cooperation / Collaboration Project was also implemented to sponsor full-time instructors for the MS Degree Program and Credit Courses on Nano-Integrated Circuit Engineering offered by National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). Business-education partnerships were also restructured in 2016 to establish the UMC Industry-Academia Program. A series of brand image development activities such as paper discussions, career sharing, practical collaborations, and exhibits of semiconductor products were scheduled, with more than 2,000 individuals participating in paper discussions in 2017. These measures enhanced the academia’s support and recognition of UMC and gave a comprehensive demonstration of a successful business-education partnership.

2017 Seed of Semiconductor

2017 Participants

Practical Lectures for Semiconductor Processes


Nano-Integrated Course


Worldwide Summer-internship Program


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