Stan Hung / Chairman

Chairman Hung graduated from Tam Kang University in Taiwan with a degree in accounting. He joined UMC in 1991 and has served as UMC's Chief Financial Officer, and previous to becoming chairman he was senior vice president of the company. In 2004, Institutional Investor Magazine recognized Mr. Hung as the semiconductor sector's best CFO in their Asia Equities Market Report. Mr. Hung is also chairman of Faraday Technology Corporation.

SC Chien / President

SC Chien currently serves as UMC's Co-President, in charge of the core manufacturing and technology aspects of UMC including R&D and operations.

Mr. Chien has more than 30 years of semiconductor R&D experience. He joined UMC in 1989, and throughout his years at the company, he has led multiple functions including ATD (advanced tech development), STD (specialty tech development), CE (customer engineering), TTD (technology transfer and development), IPDS (IP & design support) and CM (Corporate marketing). Prior to his current position, Mr. Chien was UMC’s Senior Vice President.

During his career, Mr. Chien has authored 21 tech publications and holds 176 semiconductor related patents worldwide. In 1998, he earned the National Innovation Award issued by MOEA, and later won CPMA's National R&D Manager Excellence Award in 2001.

Jason Wang / President

Jason Wang currently serves as UMC’s Co-President, in charge of the company’s business aspects including corporate strategy & planning, sales & marketing, and customer engineering.

Mr. Wang joined UMC as Vice President of Corporate Marketing in 2008, and from 2009 to 2014, served as President of UMC-USA, responsible for business operation efficiency enhancement and UMC North American strategic business development. He was appointed to UMC Senior Vice President in November 2014, where he served until 2017 when he took on his current position as President.

Before joining UMC, Mr. Wang spent 18 years at Trident Microsystems in various leadership positions. Mr. Wang was named vice president of Trident's Business Operations and Finance (Asia) after leading the company's strategic restructuring plan in 2003 to transform from a PC Graphics to a Digital Media company, increasing its enterprise value to $2 billion in 2006.

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