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Advanced Process Technology

Advanced nanometer process technology research and development

EE, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, or related degrees

IP Development & Design Support

Intellectual property development, various design component and design support services, provide a full range of SoC solutions

EE, Physics, Information, Telecommunications, Applied Mathematics, or related degrees

Production Technology


Semiconductor manufacturing process improvements and maintenance

EE, physics, chemistry, materials, or related degrees

Process Integration

Process integration to improve production yield and promote sustainable process optimization

EE, physics, chemistry, materials, or related degrees


Management and maintenance of production equipment

EE, Mechanical Engineering, Automation, or related degrees


Testing software development and maintenance of testing equipment

EE, Information technology degrees


Management of production, manufacturing arrangement, and production labors

Science, Engineering, and Management related degrees

Quality Management

Production quality and reliability analysis and management

EE, Physics, Chemical Engineering, or related degrees


Facility Operation & Construction

Production facilities planning, construction and operation.

EE, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related degrees

Production Planning

Planning the usage of productions and materials. Management of inventory and outsourcing production.

Industrial Engineering and Management, Business Administration related degrees

Information Technology

IT integration, application software development and integration

Information technology, computer science, or related degrees


Procurement management of production equipment, materials, and devices

Science and Engineering degrees

Factory Automation

Production process information collection, analysis, and automation designs

EE, Information technology degrees

Sales & Marketing

Foundry business planning and marketing

EE, or related degrees

Customer Engineering

Customer projects coordination

EE, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, or related degrees

Administration Support

Human Resources

Manpower management and HR general administration

Human Resources, Labor Relations, Society, Laws, or Business related degrees


Corporate accounting, stock and investment management

Accounting, Economics, Finance, or related degrees


Executive secretary, administrative secretary

Languages, or Business related degrees

Employee Service

Work and life environment management and administration

Laws, Business, or Management related degrees


Import/ Export logistics management and administration

Business related degrees

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