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Virtual Silicon and UMC Group Announce 0.25 um Silicon Results


SUNNYVALE, CA, — November 2, 1998 – Virtual Silicon Technology, Inc., and UMC Group announced today 0.25 micron working silicon that demonstrates the manufacturability of Virtual Silicon's Diplomat-25 libraries using UMC Group's 0.25 micron process. The test chip validates Virtual Silicon's Diplomat-25 design rules at UMC Group and is a major milestone for their multi-year joint marketing and technology development agreement.

The 0.25 micron test-chip measurements have shown correct functionality with timing correlation below 5 percent between simulations and silicon. I/O functionality and slew rate control perform as in simulations. Moreover, I/Os can provide 3.3V drive using just single-oxide process. Reliability data exhibit over 300mA latch-up immunity at high temperature and over 4KV ESD protection. Some high-density layout techniques were verified as well.

"We are pleased with the successful results of our Silicon ShuttleTM test-chip for Virtual Silicon and excited about our ongoing relationship," said Dr. Jim Ballingall, vice-president of worldwide marketing for UMC Group. "The high-quality of Virtual Silicon's Diplomat-25 libraries gives our customers another proven source to implement systems-on-silicon designs and capitalize on their market windows using our industry leading 0.25 micron technology."

"Diplomat has been engineered to give our mutual customers the best in density and performance for their chip designs," said Michael Kliment, chief operating officer at Virtual Silicon. "The comprehensive results demonstrated by the test chip is proof of UMC's excellent process technology and evidence of their commitment to represent only the best in library partnerships to their silicon customers."

Virtual Silicon's Diplomat-25 for UMC is available immediately. Evaluation kits may be obtained from UMC or Virtual Silicon at no charge. Virtual Silicon licenses and supports Diplomat-25 for UMC under a variety of flexible end-user licensing arrangements.

About Virtual Silicon Technology
Virtual Silicon Technology develops, markets, and supports Silicon Ready libraries, physical design components, and services for complex integrated circuits in 0.25 and 0.18 micron semiconductor process technologies. The company provides process-specific and foundry-portable versions of its Diplomat libraries and "hard" IP to ASIC manufacturers, ASSP designers, and systems developers who demand the highest quality, maximum performance, and optimum densities for their semiconductor innovations. Working closely with third-party vendors of semiconductor intellectual property (SIP), Virtual Silicon Technology is establishing its cell-based technology as the foundation for reuse and exchange of SIP manufactured at foundries throughout the world. For more information on Virtual Silicon Technology and its products, please direct customer inquiries to Mahesh Tirupattur at (408) 548-2726, email address: or go to

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