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2001 UMC Press Releases

Dec. 18, 2001

UMC Statement Regarding Recent Taiwan Earthquake

Dec. 5, 2001

UMC Raises $302 Million Through Zero-Coupon Convertible Bond Offering

Dec. 3, 2001

SONICS, NOKIA, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, MIPS, and UMC Launch OCP-IP to Standardize IP Core Socket Interface

Nov.26, 2001

XILINX and UMC Announce Successful Production on 300-mm Wafers

Nov.2, 2001

Sharp Announces Strategic Agreement with UMC Group Foundry NFI

Nov.2, 2001

Important Fab Status Update

Oct. 30, 2001

UMC UNVEILS CHIPSIZER: Online Tool Estimates Die Size and Silicon Cost

Oct. 30, 2001

UMC 3Q 2001 Financial Results

Oct. 29, 2001

Mysticom, UMC Partner to Enable the Development of Highly Integrated, Communications SOCs with Mysticom's 10/100 Ethernet Physical Layer Core

Oct. 27, 2001

UMC Revises Financial Forecast for Fiscal Year 2000

Oct. 26, 2001

UMC Categorically Denies Newspaper Report of SIS Fab Acquisition

Oct. 23, 2001

UMC Allies with i2 to Enhance "MY UMC" Customer Supply Chain Solution

Oct. 23, 2001

UMC Goes Live with Its "MY UMC" eSERVICE Solution

Oct. 16, 2001

Virtual Silicon Launches Comprehensive Foundry Library Offering for UMC's 0.13 Micron Technology

Oct. 10, 2001

Flextronics Semiconductor Joins UMC's ASICplus Program

Oct. 8, 2001

Micronas Selects UMC's Fabs for Production of World's First Hybrid Analog/Digital TV Decoder Chip

Oct. 5, 2001

UMC Revises its 2001 Financial Forecast

Oct. 4, 2001

Lightcross, Inc. and UMC Successfully Fabricate New Class of Photonics Components

Sept. 24 , 2001

UMC Extends Range of 1T-SRAM® Memory Macros

Sept. 4 , 2001

Conexant and UMC Sign a Long-term Semiconductor Wafer Supply Agreement

July 31, 2001

UMC 2Q 2001 Financial Results

July 23, 2001

UMCi Announces 300mm Fab Construction Contract Awarded to Kajima verseas Asia Pte. Ltd.

July 17, 2001

Alcatel Selects UMC's 0.13-Micron Technology for Advanced Communication Products

July 9, 2001

AMCC Selects UMC's 0.13-Micron Technology for the Development of Next-Generation Optical Networking Silicon

June 15, 2001

UMC Mid-Quarter Business Update for the Second Quarter of 2001

June 14, 2001

UMC Statement regarding Recent Taiwan Earthquakes

June 11, 2001

SiberCore Technologies and UMC Announce Fabrication of World's Highest Density Ternary CAM

June 6, 2001

UMC Re-focuses Top Management

June 4, 2001

UMC's ASICplus Program Chosen by Zucotto Wireless Inc. for Development of Its Xpresso Family of Java Technology-Based Processors

May 11, 2001

UMC Introduces Remote Layout Viewer: Component of e-Services Suite Facilitates Design Rule Check (DRC) Signoff

May 02, 2001

XILINX Announces Products on 300mm Wafers with UMC's Joint Venture Fab, TRECENTI

Apr. 30, 2001

UMC 1Q 2001 Financial Results

Apr.16, 2001

UMC's 0.13-Micron Technology Enables Next Generation Semiconductor Applications with Innovative "Fusion" Design Option

Apr.12, 2001

UMC Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for 300-mm Semiconductor Foundry in Singapore

Apr. 9, 2001

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas Utilizes UMC's Silicon Shuttle Program for Microcontroller and System-on-Chip Designs

Apr. 9, 2001

UMC,Synopsys and Virtual Silicon Collaborate to Help Customers Get From Design Specification to silicon more Quickly

Mar. 27, 2001

UMC Board Directors Proposes NT$ 1.5 Stock Dividend

Feb 28, 2001

International Trade Commission Votes to Investigate Claims of SIS Infringement of UMC Patents<

Feb 22, 2001

UMC First Foundry to Implement RosettaNet Stabdards for e-Business Supply Chain Management Solutions

Feb 19, 2001

Mentor Graphics and UMC Deliver IC Design Kits Through Expanded Partnership

Feb 15, 2001

UMC and Giga Solution Combine to Offer RF/Mixed-mode Design Kits for 0.25um, 0.18um

Feb 14, 2001

UMC 4Q 2000 Financial Results

Feb 12, 2001

Three-Five Systems Builds Microdisplays on UMC's Unique Liquid Crystal on Silicon(LCoS) Semiconductor Process

Jan 30, 2001

Singapore's Economic Development Board to Take Equity Stake in UMC's 300mm Singapore Project

Jan 8, 2001

UMC Targets Camera-on-a-Chip Developers with Enhanced CMOS Image Sensor Technology

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