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2003 UMC Press Releases

Dec. 15, 2003

UMC Introduces Breakthrough RFCMOS Design Methodology

Dec.10, 2003

UMC Statement Regarding Recent Taiwan Earthquake

Dec. 09, 2003

UMC Selected by Silicon Wave for Manufacturing of the SiW3500 UltimateBlue Single-Chip Bluetooth IC

Dec. 08, 2003

ARM, Artisan, National Semiconductor, Synopsys and UMC Collaborate On Comprehensive Low-Power SoC Solution

Dec. 04, 2003

UMC First Foundry to Fabricate Products Using Chromeless Phase-Shift Mask Technology

Oct. 29, 2003

UMC 3Q 2003 Financial Results

Oct. 09, 2003

UMC Expands ARM Core Availability with Licensing of ARM926EJ Core

Oct. 08, 2003

MAGMA and UMC Release Validated RTL-to-GDSII Reference Flow for UMC's 0.18 micron, 0.13 micron and 90 nanometer Process Technologies

Sep. 18, 2003

UMCJ Expands Technology and Manufacturing Capabilities with Investment in UMCi

Sep. 17, 2003

UMC and Ricoh Broaden 0.13um Manufacturing Partnership

Aug. 27, 2003

UMC and Faraday to Expand Silicon Verified IP Offerings

Aug. 06, 2003

UMC and Infineon Announce Success and Optimization of their Technology and Manufacturing Partnership

Aug. 05, 2003

ZyDAS Aligns with UMC for Production of 802.11b Compliant IC

Jul. 30, 2003

UMC 2Q 2003 Financial Results

Jul. 21, 2003

UMCi Continues Equipment Move-in at 300mm Fab

Jul. 16, 2003

UMC Selected by TrendChip for Manufacturing of Taiwan's First Turnkey ADSL Residential Solution

Jul. 15, 2003

UMC Appoints Dr. Jackson Hu to CEO

Jul. 07, 2003

SUPERH SH4-202 CPU Core Achieves Silver IP Status At UMC

Jul. 02, 2003

UMC and HBA Achieve Working 90-nanometer Silicon for HBA's High Speed SRAM

Jun. 30, 2003

Spirea and UMC to Deliver ICs for Multimode WLAN Radios

Jun. 12, 2003

UMC Introduces Its Strained Silicon Process with Wafers Built on AmberWave Technology

Jun. 09, 2003

UMC Shareholders Approved NT$0.4 Stock Dividend for Fiscal Year 2002

May 29, 2003


Apr. 30, 2003

UMC 1Q 2003 Financial Results

Apr. 08, 2003

Giga Solution, Mentor Graphics and UMC Release Foundry Design Kits for 0.18um RF Mixed-Mode Process

Apr. 02, 2003

Oki and UMC / UMCJ Achieve New Production Milestones

Mar. 31, 2003

UMC Delivering Customer IC's Built on 90nm Technology

Mar. 27, 2003

UMC Honors Xilinx for Milestone Achievement:300mm Volume Manufacturing on Advanced Technologies

Mar. 26, 2003

UMC Forms Strategic Partnership with Silicon7

Mar. 25, 2003

UMC Names Dr. Jackson Hu Head of Design Support

Mar. 25, 2003

UMC Declares the Board of Directors' Proposals to the AGM

Mar. 11, 2003

UMC News: UMC Vice Chairman Peter Chang Delivers Keynote Address at 2003 Semico Summit

Mar. 10, 2003

Oki Electric Enhances its ASIC Product Offerings Through Collaboration with UMC

Jan. 30, 2003

Faraday Validates Multiple Silicon Intellectual Properties For UMC's 90-nm Process Using Magma Design Flow

Jan. 29, 2003

UMC 4Q 2002 Financial Result

Jan. 21, 2003

UMCi Announces Equipment Move-in at 300mm Fab

Jan. 15, 2003

UMC Extends Licensing Agreement For Phase-Shifting Technology From Numerical Technologies As Foundry Migrates To 90nm

Jan. 13, 2003

MoSys' 1T-SRAM-R Memory is Silicon-Proven on UMC'S 0.13 Micron Logic Process

Jan. 06, 2003

UMC Unveils 'IP Master' Online Design Resource & Support Center Built With the Synchronicity Publisher Suite

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