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UMC is shipping 14nm customer wafers and has achieved industry-competitive yields for this advanced FinFET process, which is being utilized for pioneering high performance electronic applications. UMC is in mass production for the 14nm customer ICs at the company’s Fab 12A in Tainan, Taiwan and expects to steadily ramp 14nm manufacturing capacity according to customer demand.

Technology Features UMC's 14nm is based on the company’s self-developed 14nm FinFET technology. The technology features include advancements such as Fin module, High-k/Metal Gate stack, low-k spacer, strain engineering, MEOL (mid end of line) as well as BEOL (back end of line) modules. The process technology is ideal for applications that require high performance and low power consumption within the same design.

Enhanced Performance UMC’s 14nm FinFET technology performance is competitive with the semiconductor industry’s leading standards, featuring 55% higher speed and twice the gate density over 28nm process technology. The leading-edge 14nm process also consumes approximately 50% less power than 28nm.


UMC's 14nm technology is engineered to satisfy a wide variety of application sectors that require the highest performance and power efficiency, such as:
-AI based CPU or GPU
-High end application processors
-Cellular baseband
-Cable modem/WLAN/WiFi
-High end consumer applications such as set-top-box for DTV, DTV SoC, RF transceiver in high frequency communication, mmWave (extreme high frequency) for 5G, and mmWave Radar/ADAS/infotainment in automotive applications.

Design Support Features

A wide range of design support resources are available to help customers streamline their 14nm design-in process at UMC, including validated Cadence and Synopsys design tools, foundry design kits (FDK) and command files that are available now. We are also developing IPs and a reference design flow to further strengthen our 14nm design support portfolio.

UMC 14nm FinFET Cross-Section: multi work function (WF) schemes support a wide range of Vt offerings.

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