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UMC's high-volume production 40nm logic process utilizes immersion lithography, ultra shallow junction, mobility enhancement techniques and ultra low-k dielectrics for maximum power and performance optimization.

UMC is a leading foundry provider of 45/40nm technology, having delivered customer products on this advanced process node since 2008. Numerous customers are now in production at UMC for their 40nm products. UMC's 40nm technology offering includes both Low Power (LP) and high performance (40G) platforms to meet various design application needs. The 40nm logic process utilizes immersion lithography, various mobility enhancement techniques, ultra shallow junction and ultra low-k dielectric for maximum power and performance optimization.

UMC's 40nm technology begins with a flexible technology design platform. Customers are able to choose the process device options that are optimized for their specific application, such as high performance and low power transistors.

UMC's Value Driven 40nm Technology

UMC's 40nm process delivers more than twice the gate density of 65nm, and also features an SRAM cell size shrink of approximately 50 percent.

* 40LP –

This cost optimized, low power solution that supports multiple foundry sourcing is ideal for cell phones, portable devices, WLAN and consumer electronics.

* 40G –

The performance oriented 40G process improves speed by more than 40 percent over 65nm. Also capable of supporting multiple foundry sourcing, 40G targets networking, FPGA and wired communication applications. Technology options can then be implemented including mixed signal/RFCMOS to further customize the process.


40nm Logic/MS(1) Device Offering

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