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Mixed Signal (MS)/RFCMOS Technologies

UMC's remarkable MS / RFCMOS performance is ahead of the ITRS industry roadmap, with comprehensive design kit and libraries support.

UMC's MS/RFCMOS platform is based on our standard logic process to deliver a high performance, low cost solution for RFIC designs. UMC's MS/RFCMOS technologies span from 0.25µm to 28nm process nodes.

Key Feature

  • High speed RF N/PMOS
  • Advanced RF model with multi-dimensional device scaling range
  • Enhanced thermal noise model
  • High precision poly resistors
  • High tuning ratio varactors
  • Scalable inductors/capacitors.

Offering and Benefits

The successful design of a SoC's analog/RF portion requires a solution that provides access to EDA technology as well as foundry technology and design support. UMC's remarkable MS/RFCMOS performance is ahead of the ITRS industry roadmap, with comprehensive support:

Foundry Design Kit

A user-friendly platform that integrates schematic entry, simulation, layout editor, parameter extraction, and layout check all together in one package.

Unique Virtual Inductor/Capacitor Libraries

Integrated with UMC's RF Foundry Design Kit, providing fast inductor/capacitor simulation for RF designers who can now design optimized inductors/capacitors within a few minutes.


UMC's rich MS/RFCMOS technology platform and dual process approach satisfies the rigorous requirements of all major market applications.

MS / RFCMOS Technology Platform

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