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With the growing digital interaction among items, people and the environment, MEMS sensors have become enabling components for this IoT generation as sensing interface devices. Facing the design requirements from smartphone and wearable devices that constitute a major portion of the future IoT market, UMC offers complete foundry solutions for MEMS ASIC, pure MEMS and CMOS-MEMS in our 8" facilities. Our 8” manufacturing capability & strong technical support has resulted in significant MEMS success including microphone, inertial sensors, and environmental sensors for UMC MEMS customers.

Based on current and upcoming MEMS market requirements, UMC has established a series of fundamental MEMS process building blocks such as DRIE, double side aligner, VHF, and many others to help customers construct MEMS structures in a CMOS foundry fab. Many customers have benefited from these solutions to introduce a variety of MEMS devices to market.

In addition, to further drive this sizeable market, UMC is extending its collaboration with industrial partners via robust business models. Maintaining investment in competitive processes, UMC and its upstream and downstream partners can establish a MEMS ecosystem to provide a complete design environment to incubate new applications in the evolving MEMS sensor market. With the direction heading towards MEMS application blocks, UMC is well positioned to face this new trend by accelerating the learning cycle from design to silicon success in the coming years.

UMC's Sensor Solutions Humanize Today's Modern Electronics

CMOS Image Sensors

UMC provides high performance, in-house CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) solutions to fulfill customer needs. UMC's CIS technologies include minimum pixel sizes from 3.2µm to 1.1µm, color filter array (CFA), and microlens (uLens) to help customers save resources within the CIS supply chain and accelerate production cycle-time.

UMC’s CIS solutions are adopted by world leading CIS companies in mainstream applications such as portable device, medical equipment, ambient light sensor, surveillance, etc. Our CIS solutions also provide flexible option such as an available CIS stitching process to serve special customer requirements.

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