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  • Introduction
  • Device Offering
  • UMC is a leading global foundry provider of 40nm technology, having delivered customer products on this advanced process node since 2008. UMC's 40nm Low Power (40LP) platform can meet various design application needs, starting with our flexible 40nm technology design platform. Customers are then able to choose the process device options that are optimized for their specific application, such as high performance and low power transistors.

    UMC 40nm Ultra Low Power (40uLP) is evolved from the 40nm low power technology (40LP) to generate a lower operation voltage platform in order to meet lower power consumption and lower leakage application requirement. UMC’s ultra-low power (40uLP) process consists of interface IP, IP subsystems, logic libraries, embedded memories and analog IP, which optimized two clusters of process/voltage/temperatures (PVTs), giving designers the ability to increase performance over conventional total corners.

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