Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain how United Microelectronics Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "UMC") collects and processes (hereinafter referred to as” Process” or “Processing”) your Personal Data. In order to respond to the legal changes and the needs of UMC's business execution, UMC will modify this policy from time to time. It is recommended that you read this policy carefully and check this website regularly to keep you informed of the updates.


1. Applicable Data Subject

This policy applies to:

(1) employees of UMC’S customers, suppliers, and contractors;
(2) users of UMC's products or services;
(3) visitors to UMC's website or UMC offices or sites;
(4) jobs applicants of UMC.


hereinafter referred to as "you".

2. Collection of Personal Data

UMC may collect your Personal Data from the following sources:


(1) Data provided by your initiatives: you contact UMC via e-mail or telephone, or provide your personal data to apply for job vacancies in UMC.
(2) UMC obtains in business or from business cooperation: UMC obtains your personal data directly from you in business contacts or activities. UMC may obtain your personal data because of cooperation in research and development, business interactions, retaining you as a consultant, lecturer of UMC, or you’re the contact windows for the aforementioned business cooperation.
(3) Your self-disclosure: UMC may obtain your personal data related to UMC contents in social medias.

(4) Personal Data obtained in UMC website: UMC may obtain your personal data from your registrations or browsing of UMC’ website and/or systems wherein.
(5) Personal Data provided by Third party: UMC may obtain your personal data from credit reference agencies, law enforcement agencies, or plugins and cookies by a third party.

3. Categories of Personal Data UMC Processes (the following types are collectively referred to as "Personal Data")

(1) General Personal Data


  • Personal information: name, alias, photo, ID number, passport number, gender, date of birth, age, nationality, ethnic, and financial information.
  • Contact information: contact address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail information, social media accounts etc. If you interact with UMC as an employee of a company, it may contain your name, job title, photo, company phone number, and company email address.
  • Expertise and social information: educational background, research field, languages, professional skills or expertise, employment records, current occupation, qualifications, certifications, work experience, membership of various trade unions or associations, and relationship with other individuals or institutions.
  • Your consents record: your written consents, the date and time of consents, the consents formats etc.
  • Information related to UMC’s website: device types, operating systems, browser types, browser settings, IP addresses, language settings, dates and times of connecting to a Site, user name, password, encryption login, usage data etc.
  • Perspectives and opinions: any views or opinions that you give your feedback to UMC, or your views or opinions regarding UMC posted on social media platforms.
  • Others: For example: Whether your family or close relatives have provided work or service for UMC and their personal information etc.


(2) Sensitive Personal Data


UMC will not collect and process your sensitive personal data except for very limited circumstances and when processing your sensitive personal data for legitimate purposes are necessary. And UMC will process in accordance with applicable laws. UMC may process physical examination records, criminal records and so on in the following situations:


  • To comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • To detect or prevent crimes;
  • To claim, exercise or protect the legal rights of UMC or relevant parties;
  • Based on your consent.


If you provide Sensitive Personal Data to UMC, you must ensure that you are legally entitled to those data.

4. Purposes and legal bases for Processing your Personal Data

UMC may process personal data for the following purposes:

(1) Provision of products and services
(2) For UMC business and operation
(3) For Communication and Marketing purposes
(4) For UMC’s System Management
(5) For Managing Suppliers
(6) Obtaining your feedback on UMC's products or services
(7) Maintaining the security of UMC’s plants
(8) For Investigations and Compliance purposes in order to fulfill legal statutory obligations
(9) For the purpose of asserting, exercising or defending legal rights
(10) For the purpose of improving or developing UMC's products and services

(11) For the purpose of manpower recruitment


UMC may also process your personal data for other purposes under the following circumstances:

(1) Based on the express provisions of the laws.
(2) Necessary to advance the public interest.
(3) To avoid danger to your life, body, liberty or property.
(4) To prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others.
(5) Based on your consent.
(6) In favor of your rights.


UMC may process personal data for the following legal bases:

(1) Base on your prior consent;
(2) Necessary for the contract between UMC and you, or for the purpose to negotiate the contract with you;
(3) UMC has legitimate interests, but the legitimate interests do not exceed your interests, fundamental rights and freedoms;
(4) UMC fulfills its legal obligations;
(5) The processing of personal data is necessary to establish, exercise or defend legal claims;
(6) UMC cooperates with the investigation, to investigate fraud and other crimes in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and prevents behaviors that violate the company's regulations and criminal crimes.

5. UMC may process your personal data

(1) Internal processing:


  • To operate and manage the company's website, systems, products or services
  • For the trouble shooting of company's website, systems, products or services; further plans for improvements and developments.
  • To manage, operate, check and monitor various systems of the company.
  • Maintenance of physical and electronic security measures in the company's factory areas.
  • Abide by the company’ legal obligations.
  • For recruitment and interview activities.


(2) External processing:


  • providing your personal data to third parties which are operating UMC’s website, systems, and the obtaining of communications, opinions with respect to our products or services.
  • providing your personal data to third party for maintaining and updating your contact information.
  • UMC cooperates with law enforcement in investigation and prevention of criminal crimes.
  • submitting, collecting, reviewing documents, or rendering facts finding, evidence and witness statements which may incorporate your personal data in legal proceedings.
  • sharing your personal data with a third party where prior consents have been gained according to “clause 8. The parties UMC may share your personal data” in the policy.

6. Cross-border transfer of Personal Data

Due to the transnational nature of the company's business and services, UMC may transmit your personal data amongst UMC group companies including Taiwan, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Singapore or other places where the company has business operation, in light of the content of clause 4 of this policy. These countries may have different legal regulations and requirements for personal data protection.


If UMC transmits your personal data from the European Economic Area (hereinafter “EEA”) to a country outside of EEA, in which the country has not obtained the EU adequacy decision, UMC will sign an EU standard contractual clause with the recipient. You may request UMC to provide standard contractual clause for your reference in accordance with the contact information listed in clause 17 of this policy.


Please note that when you directly transfer your personal data to our affiliated companies outside the EEA, we cannot be held responsible for the transfer thereof.

7. Protection of minors

UMC’s services and products are aimed at adults who meet the legal requirements, not minors. If you are a minor under the laws of your country, you can only use the company's services or products under the supervision of a parent or guardian. The company does not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 13. If the Company discovers that the Company has inadvertently collected personal data from children under the age of 13, the Company will delete such information as required by law.

8. The parties UMC may share your personal data

(1) UMC may share your personal data with:


  • You and the agent appointed by you.
  • The judiciary authorities, UMC shares your personal data in accordance with legal requirements, or to report any illegal or suspected illegal behavior
  • Accountants, auditors, consultants, lawyers and other professionals who have confidentiality agreements with UMC and provide consulting service to UMC.
  • In accordance with the provisions of this policy, UMC may provide your personal data to payment service agencies, freight companies and other global service providers.
  • When necessary to assert, exercise or defend legal rights, or to prevent, investigate, prosecute, or enforce criminal penalties, UMC may provide your personal data to relevant parties, competent authorities, government units, and law enforcement agencies or court.
  • If UMC sells or transfers all or part of its business or assets, or undergoes reorganization, dissolution or liquidation, it may provide your personal data to the buyer or transferee of the transaction.


(2) If UMC entrusts an information service provider to process your personal data, UMC will require a contract to meet the following:


  • The information service provider shall process within the purpose’s scope;
  • The information service provider shall comply with legal requirements and have sufficient mechanisms to protect the security of personal data.

9. Data Analysis and Automated Decision Making

UMC may process your personal data to analyze and to be used in automated decision making:
In order to avoid information leakage and protect intellectual property rights, for example to process your data and to analyze potential risks in Information Technology systems. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid disclosing your sensitive personal data, or other confidential information.

10. Information Security

UMC has employed properly technical and organizational security measures (e.g. setting access permission) in accordance with the applicable laws to prevent your personal data from being accidentally or intentionally damaged, lost, tampered with, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized access, and other illegal or unauthorized processing.

Because of the public nature of the Internet, information transmitted over the internet is not completely secure. Although UMC has taken all reasonable steps to protect your personal data, it cannot guarantee that your data transmission over the Internet will be completely secure. You will bear the possible risks of this transmission process, please confirm that there is no security problem in the process of transmitting your personal data to UMC.

11. The accuracy of your Personal Data

UMC endeavours to take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data processed by the company is accurate and correct. If there is any inaccurate in your personal data, the company will correct or erase it immediately. In order to ensure the accuracy of your personal data, the company may confirm the accuracy with you if necessary.

12. The principle of minimizing the Processing of Personal Data

UMC endeavour to take reasonable steps to ensure that the scope of the company's processing of your personal data is reasonably related to the purposes set out in this policy, and only within that scope.

13. Personal Data retention period

UMC endeavours to take reasonable measures to ensure that the processing of your Personal Data is for necessary time period and to fulfill agreed purposes. UMC will keep your Personal Data in accordance with the following principles:


(1) During the period of business relationship from the time you approached UMC for business, until you notify UMC of your succession of business communication.

(2) During the period of statute of limitation prescribed by the applicable laws or regulations. For example, when a third party exercises the legal right to request for your Personal Data from UMC, UMC may continue to facilitate your Personal Data for the period necessary for fulfilling such request. The processing of your Personal Data will be limited to the storage and maintenance.

(3) After the expiration of the retention period, UMC will permanently delete or destroy your Personal Data, or make your Personal Data to be anonymous, for example: the retention period of Personal Data in UMC is five years in a business transaction consummation.

(4) The mandatory time period for fulfilling legal purposes under the policy.

14. Data Subject Rights

According to applicable Personal Data protection laws, you may request the following rights to UMC:


(1) Review your Personal Data.

(2) Request UMC to provide duplicates of your Personal Data.

(3) Request to supplement or correct your Personal Data.

(4) Refusal of providing your Personal Data. However, please note that if you refuse to provide your Personal Data, UMC may not be able to provide you our products or services in complete.

(5) Stop Collecting your Personal Data.

(6) Restrict the Processing of your Personal Data.

(7) Request to delete your Personal Data.

(8) Transfer your Personal Data to other Personal Data controllers under reasonable and feasible measures.

(9) Withdrawing your consent to process your Personal Data: please note that the withdrawn of your consent will not affect the legality of UMC's processing of your Personal Data based on your prior consent. If the processing of your Personal Data has other legal standings, UMC may continue to process your Personal Data.

(10) In light of the compliance of applicable laws, you have the right to object to a third party who processes your Personal Data on behalf of UMC.


If you intend to exercise the above rights or have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact UMC in accordance with the contact information in clause 17 of this policy. However, please note that you need to provide your identification in order to exercise the above rights.


You may appeal to the competent authority for the data processing by UMC.

15. Cookies and other similar technologies

When you visit our website or log in systems, we may set cookies on your device or read the cookies which are on your device based on legal requirements or your clear consent. We may use cookies to record certain information or record your preferences and browsing intents. We will use cookies and other similar technologies to process your Personal Data in accordance with cookie policy. For any details, please refer to our Cookie Policy

16. Direct marketing

UMC may use your e-mail and other Personal Data to provide you information that may be of interest to you, including but not limited to business sustainability and corporate social responsibility. When UMC provides you with the foregoing information, UMC may use the contact information provided by you. You can unsubscribe at any time via the emails sent to UMC. After canceling the subscription, UMC will no longer send unsubscribed information to you.

17. Contact information

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact UMC at:
United Microelectronics Corporation

Company address: No. 3, Li-Hsin Rd. 2, Hsin-Chu Science Park, Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone: 03-5782258


Data Privacy Request Form

18. For California Residents

California Consumer Privacy Act (hereinafter “CCPA”) 2018, Civil Code sections 1798.100 et seq. is aim to facilitate consumers’ privacy protection.


CCPA is applied to personal data which is collected from California residents and consumers. Personal data defined under CCPA is limited to information that identifies, relates to, describes, is capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household.


Personal data does not include:


(1) publicly available information that is lawfully made available from federal, state or local government records;

(2) consumer information that is de-identified or aggregate consumer information;

(3) other information excluded from the CCPA's scope as set forth in the Act.




(1) Right to review and Portable right

California residents have the right to request that UMC discloses the categories and specific pieces of personal information that UMC have collected, used, or sold. Furthermore, California residents have the right to request that UMC provides a copy of your Personal Data.


(2) Right to delete

California residents have the right to request that UMC delete any personal information. However, UMC may retain Personal Data under the CCPA or other applicable laws if it is necessary, such as:


  • to provide our services or to perform a contract between you and UMC;
  • to protect our business and systems from fraudulent or illegal activity;
  • to debug, identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality;
  • for UMC or others to exercise free speech or other rights;
  • for scientific, historical or statistic research in public interest aspect;
  • for our internal sole use that are reasonable based on your relationship with us; or
  • to comply with legal obligation.


(3) Right not to sell

California residents may opt out of the sale of their Personal Data. However, UMC does not "sell" your Personal Data as UMC understands that term to be defined by the CCPA and its implementing regulations.


(4) Right not to discriminate

California residents may not be discriminated against for exercising their CCPA rights. UMC will not “discriminate” against you for exercising your CCPA rights as UMC understands that term to be defined by the CCPA and its implementing regulations.


You can submit your request through an email. UMC may provide personal information to a consumer at any time, but shall not be required to provide personal information to a consumer more than twice in a 12-month period.


E-Mail address:
Data Privacy Request Form

The information disclosed by UMC will only cover the time range of 12 months from the time UMC receives your consumer request to be verified; if UMC cannot meet your request, UMC will also reply and explain why. For security purposes, when exercising your California privacy rights, UMC may request additional information to verify your identity to reasonably confirm that you are the owner or a legally authorized agent of your personal data.

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