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Energy Saving Service Team

UMC has always been committed to improving resource efficiency and acquiring a wealth of expertise and knowledge. We also have the only full-time fire brigade in the technology industry. In the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Climate Agreement and domestic issue of elderly, disabled and dementia care, cooperation with value chains (Group subsidiaries, suppliers, subcontractors) on the core theme of Energy Saving and Safety is being considered. In the team spirit of industrial sustainability and social improvement, the UMC Energy Saving Service Team was officially founded on April 21, 2016, the eve of World Earth Day, to help social welfare organizations that help the disadvantaged. With step-by-step counseling, the experience will be passed on to Southern Taiwan Science Park Fab, where an Energy Conservation Service Team began in March 2019. By linking UMC's social responsibility throughout Taiwan, the Company and its employees will jointly enjoy the benefits and promote co-prosperity with society.



Mission of the Energy Saving Service Team

  1. Priority for the Disadvantaged : Involvement with social welfare organizations for the disadvantaged that need the most help.
  2. Energy Saving and Safety : Provide energy conservation and safety diagnosis, or related engineering and technical advice.
  3. Recommend and Improve : Provide funding for items that can be immediately improved.


Three Features of the Energy Saving Service Team

Priority for the Disadvantaged

Puts resources in social welfare organizations that need the most help, such as nursing homes and orphanages.

Energy Saving and Safety

By word of mouth, UMC is known in industrial parks and industries for its fire and industrial safety. In addition to energy-saving consultation, our Service Team also helps disadvantaged groups with residential fire safety inspection and improvement to reduce fire risk and carbon monoxide poisoning risk during the winter.

Recommend and Improve

Our service targets are disadvantaged groups that lack resources. Hence, in addition to providing energy saving and safety knowledge, an annual funding of NT$ 1 million has been approved for our Service Team to provide at hand service and make appropriate hardware improvements.


In the beginning, the UMC Energy Saving Service Team comprised of enthusiastic professionals in the Company. Currently, members have expanded to include employees from Group subsidiaries, supply chains and subcontractors, forming an integrated platform for a diversity of resources. Expertise varies, and includes water saving, energy saving & air conditioning, lighting, construction and fire safety to provide services such as energy saving and safety counseling, energy and resource technology information, and engineering improvements.

Energy_Saving_1.JPG (114 KB)

Diagnosing electrical facilities

Energy_Saving_2.JPG (2.05 MB)

Diagnosing electrical safety

Energy_Saving_3.JPG (1.69 MB)

Diagnosing Chiller facilities

Energy_Saving_4.JPG (3.14 MB)

Diagnosing air conditioning facilities 

Energy_Saving_5.JPG (1.25 MB)

Diagnosing abnormal drainage

Energy_Saving_6.JPG (2.83 MB)

Diagnosing improvement for water leakage

Energy_Saving_7.JPG (2.16 MB)

Diagnosing fire equipment

Energy_Saving_8.JPG (1.65 MB)

Fire safety awareness workshop



2016 - 2020 Implementation Outcome of the UMC Energy Saving Service Team

Looking at the contributions made by the volunteers of the energy conservation team throughout 2016 – 2020 in terms of manpower, time, and infrastructure, UMC estimates that the overall economic value generated in the society and the environment reached NT$16 million, while CO2 emissions were reduced by approximately 1,722 tons.


umc_csr_energysaving_investment_en_1.jpg (87 KB)
umc_csr_energysaving_investment_en_2.jpg (104 KB)


Statistical Scope : Service Involvement and Output of the Energy Conservation Service Team from 2016 to 2020
Labor cost : Cost of volunteer participation (NT$500 / hour).
Construction cost : Cost of improving hardware.
Economic benefit : Cost of energy saved in operations.



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If you need our assistance or would like to recommend an organization for our help, please contact our Energy Saving Service Team!


We also hope that other companies and organizations can join us in our volunteer work!


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