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UN Sustainable Development Goals
The company's core operational goals are combined with the 5 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)
For Sustainable Development
Partnerships for the Goals

To fulfill its corporate social responsibility, UMC works with governments, citizens and global operating partners to promote economic, environmental and social initiatives based on the spirit of industrial sustainability and social prosperity.

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Good Health and Well-being

Healthy employees are the most important asset in helping companies to profit. We deeply believe that "with employee contribution, there is UMC; with happy employees, there is energy for UMC’s sustainable development." UMC has made a long-term commitment to creating a safe working environment, protecting the health of employees and achieving a work-life balance, while safeguarding the physical and mental health of its employees and family members.

Quality Education

UMC provides diverse self-learning and development channels for its employees, creating an atmosphere for learning-from-teaching as well as teamwork. The company also provides a comprehensive environment for learning, sharing, and innovation. On top of that, UMC continues to invest in social welfare, including education, training, environmental protection, and fundamental technology, hoping to resolve the issue of un-balanced education resources through the power of enterprise.

Gender Equality

UMC complies with various government labor regulations, gender equality laws, sexual harassment prevention laws and other relevant regulations to formulate the UMC Personnel Regulations, and actively promotes various measures in the selection, use, education and retention of personnel to ensure the employment and Labor rights of employees are protected, creating harmonious and mutual-beneficial operation.

Clean Water and Sanitation

UMC pursues to maximize water utilization efficiency through process waste reduction, waste liquid diversion and classification, improving the tolerance of upstream and downstream value chain to water risks, and promoting the value and conservation of water resources. In addition, UMC continues to conduct the R&D of wastewater treatment technologies to optimize water management and reduce the impact on local water resources.

Affordable and Clean Energy

In addition to implementing energy conservation and carbon reduction within the organization, UMC also collaborates with its value chain partners to provide energy-saving technologies and services to social welfare institutions, promoting the utilization of energy resources. Moreover, through energy-saving knowledge sharing and exchanging platforms, the energy management capabilities of collaboration partners are enhanced.

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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

UMC is committed to promoting the development of advanced processing technologies, providing wafer-dedicated solutions that meet market trends and customer needs. Through continuous efforts and innovation, UMC hopes to create a sustainable business and a harmonious & prosperous society.

Reduced Inequalities

While committed to business growth, UMC also encourages its employees to engage in public welfare through the participation of social welfare activities and the promotion of volunteer culture. It is hoped that with the help of enterprises, public welfare can be extended to local communities through life, parent-child, science, environmental and disaster prevention education, among others, to resolve the issue of un-balanced educational resources.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

In addition to strengthening its manufacturing capabilities to reduce environmental impact, UMC also continues to develop innovative plans for promoting the convenience of products in social communication and human health & safety, meeting the needs of customers as well as the public, and improving quality of life.

Responsible Consumption

UMC is committed to reducing the environmental load at all stages of the product’s life cycle, promoting the education of environmental ethics and the idea of environmental protection, and improving the environmental protection awareness of enterprises, upstream and downstream supply chains and citizens, in order to carry out actions and fulfill the responsibilities to achieve environmental sustainability.

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Climate Action

UMC is concerned about the risks and impacts that climate change may bring, and has formulated climate change policies and developed risk assessment tools. Furthermore, by setting targets at each stage, specific action plans can be gradually implemented to reduce potential impacts and enhance operating competitiveness.

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