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MM/RF Foundry Design Kit (FDK)

The FDK (Foundry Design Kit) provides IC designers with an automatic design environment that eliminates unnecessary manual tasks and ensures successful tape-out.

MM/RF Complete Design Flow

The MM/RF complete design flow for UMC's various processes covers both the front and Backend of RFIC development. The methodology provides access to circuit-level design and simulation, circuit layout, and layout verification together with accurate RF device models. Through the procedure, designers can increase their productivity and reduce the risk for errors.

  • In the front-end, fundamental components of UMC's MM/RF process are implemented in common design environments and simulation tools.

  • The Backend includes Parameterized Cells (PCell), which includes a schematic driven layout to provide an automatic and complete design flow.

  • Callback functions are also provide in the design flow to minimize data entry.

Virtual Inductor Library (VIL)

The industry's first parameterized spiral inductor design kit based on full-wave simulation delivered by UMC and its EDA tool partners. The VIL enables RFCOMS designers to create and simulate custom inductor geometries that are compatible with UMC's processes. It is built upon UMC's Electro Magnetic Design Methodology (EMDM), which allow engineers to easily and accurately create any RF structure. EMDM gives designers the flexibility to innovate new geometries simply by editing parameters such as diameter, number of turns, width and spacing of traces. Besides Virtual Inductor Library (VIL), UMC also delivers Virtual Capacitor Library (VCL) and Virtual Transformer Library (VTL).


Optimum Inductor Finder (OIF)

The OIF gives designers the ability to quickly to access a large library of inductor optimization through just a few simple steps using the user-friendly software. Customers can define a desired Inductance and make tradeoffs between Q-factor and area. The OIF will select from its inductor library a design that best fits the specifications in a matter of seconds. Besides Optimum Inductor Finder (OIF), UMC also offers Optimized Capacitor Finder (OCF) and Optimized Transformer Finder (OTF) in FDK package.

Design Support Manual

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be completed to gain access to design support manuals below. Once a password is granted, these manuals can be downloaded from the Technical Data Service (TDS) via the MyUMC Online Service Portal.

Support manuals available for UMC's process technology including :

  • - Electrical design rules
  • - Topological layout rules
  • - Spice models
  • - Mask tooling

Design Verification

A complete set of DRC / LVS / LPE command files that support major EDA Tools is available for UMC customers. Files can be retrieved from our website through the MyUMC portal with a pre-arranged account and password. UMC also provides DRC sign-off support to verify customers' new databases.