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UMC provides comprehensive solutions that are designed to address the needs of foundry customers. With our worldwide leading-edge mask suppliers and efficient tape-out flows, UMC is capable of providing our customers with complete mask services. UMC is always proud to help each customer achieve business success through our reliable manufacturing technology and personalized services.

Mask Quality and Delivery

At UMC, providing the highest level of mask quality and shipping efficiency is our top-priority. Hence, all mask suppliers are carefully selected based on a solid qualification procedure. We build close partnerships with all suppliers and work with them to ensure incoming mask quality and on-time delivery. In addition, all masks at UMC are stored in a well-controlled environment to prevent any contamination that will impact mask quality. Besides storage environment control, UMC also performs regular mask inspections to monitor mask quality to extend lifetime.

IP Protection and Data Preparation

UMC is committed to protect every customer's intellectual property rights through a detailed security policy. Through a series of exact controls, UMC's Mask Data Preparation (MDP) network environment has reached the goal of providing maximum protection. In addition, our continuous investments in MDP infrastructure can help our customers to introduce the most sophisticated chips and systems to market within a short time.


With the goal of helping our customers to realize first silicon success, UMC develops a series of production-ready solutions based on the latest Resolution Enhancement Techniques (RET). Progressive innovations in UMC and extensive experience in various products allow us to help our customers complete successful chip tape-out under tight schedules and constrained mask budgets.


Tape-out Status Tracking

UMC provides customers with a highly integrated platform (My UMC) to trace their mask tape-out status. My UMC platform links real-time information directly through B2B from mask suppliers ; therefore, our customers are able to track their own masks anytime and anywhere at their convenience.

Mask Smart Manufacturing

UMC imports the smart manufacturing of Industry 4.0. The Mask Engineering Agency undertakes the strategy of corporate to promote the smart manufacturing, achieving the maximum benefits with the minimal resources.