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As internet connectivity has become part of our daily lives, IoT-related products have expanded to encompass the fast growing market for smart end-devices. High performance and ultra-low power semiconductor solutions have become essential for these products. IoT applications are used in many areas such as smart homes, smart manufacturing, smart cities, and telemedicine. With the help of innovative semiconductor technologies, wearable devices have achieved long-term and uninterrupted detection and information transmission, laying the foundation for their role in health management.

UMC provides diversified process technology solutions to power the IoT and wearable world, including logic/mixed-mode, eNVM, BCD and MEMS technologies to bring future products into reality. Through continuous technology and close work with our customers, UMC is well-poised to be a leading IoT foundry player and partner.


  • Available to serve a broad range of applications from Smartcards, IoT/AIoT and Automotive
  • 12” solutions from 55nm to 28nm with multi-generations of MCUs with eFLASH
  • Our 40/55nm solutions have >40 customers and is in high volume production
  • MCU with eNVM is developing advanced MRAM and ReRAM solutions with our leading IP partners


  • Leading foundry to provide low power, low leakage features across different technology nodes
  • Best cost to performance balance options for a vast range of applications, with connectivity functions (e.g. NBIoT, LPWAN etc.)
  • Complete low power solutions with Multiple Vt, cell library, low power memory, RF model, IP options etc.
  • >855M units shipped annually


  • >20% market share of PMIC foundry volume/revenue
  • BCD+eFlash solution in development to  drive higher efficiency for IoT and wearables
  • State-of-the-art 180nm & 110nm BCD
  • >10 years of 12” BCD manufacturing


  • Leading, unique cost saving material process for MEMS microphone designs
  • Supports a wide range of applications from IoT (smart speakers and wearables) to Smart Mobile phones and industrial applications
  • UMC’s fundamental set of >12 building blocks help customers construct a wide variety of MEMS designs with high volume, cost effective manufacturing solutions
  • Volume production for MEMS microphone providers to tier 1 SMP and IoT customers
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