Healthy Work Environment

A healthy workforce is the key to profit-making in a corporation. We believe that UMC exists thanks to our people's dedication; only with happy employees can UMC achieve true sustainability.


To create a healthy and harmonious organization with which our employees, management team and investors feel comfortable – a "New UMC healthy work environment”, UMC keeps garnering all healthy work environment-related resources and practices utilized in the past, and compiling them into a promotion plan called "UMC's Comprehensive health care program”. This plan integrates both successful key projects previously executed as well as more recent emphases on overall health promotion and employees' physical and mental health development. The plan concretely rewards those who have grown alongside UMC and, together with UMC colleagues, boldly paints a bright future ahead.



The "New UMC Healthy Work Environment" Philosophy

The concept of a healthy work environment has long taken root at UMC. We are dedicated to building a quality work environment for our employees because we have always considered them our most valuable assets and the key to our company's growth and progress. Besides providing a competitive compensation package, a comprehensive training system, diverse benefits and a safe working environment, UMC also provides for food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, entertainment and other elements that comprise employees' daily lives so that each employee can work happily without worries.


Continuing the philosophies of "optimizing our work environment and management” and "creating a healthy and harmonious organization with which our employees, management team and investors feel comfortable”, UMC's strategy is to reinforce the concept of a healthy work environment and build one that incorporates the following three elements-happy employees, healthy teams and a vigorous organization.





UMC's Comprehensive Health Care Program

UMC believes that healthy employees are an important cornerstone for the success of the company and pays close attention to the physical and mental health of its workers and their families. Its "Comprehensive Health Care Program” continued to broaden in 2022. UMC conducts “Comprehensive Health Care Program” to ensure employees’ health and prevent occupational diseases, the 2022 Health Service Management Plan was formulated according to the “Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act” and the “2021 FAB Health Management Plan Effectiveness and Review.”


Moreover, these activities and measures create a high-quality workplace and foster a spirit of camaraderie among the workers. UMC continues to work towards making the work environment safe, protecting the health of its workers, and furthering work-life balance.


In addition to dedicated efforts in building a quality and engaging workplace, UMC also referenced the latest amendments to the Occupational Safety and Health Act to initiate a series of activities to promote and improve upon ergonomic factors, health protection for female workers, and overwork-related conditions to protect and support our fellow employees. Extensive planning and preventive surveys were carried out to assess employee requirements, physical health, and mental states from multiple perspectives. Efforts for promoting Healthy Workplace concepts were aimed at improving support and recognition from employees and external agencies as well as encouraging the recruitment and retention of skilled professionals to achieve the final goal of enhancing personal and corporate performance.






Worry-free Workplace : Focus on Workplace Safety

The objective is to create a safe and worry-free work environment by establishing regulations, building safe facilities, and eliminating all hazards in the workplace to become an all around "Safe UMC." The project includes voluntary leave program, zero smoking pollution program, approaches to ensure a safe workplace and creating a safe and sanitary work environment.



Healthy Workplace : Protecting Employee Health

UMC provide annual physical examinations with items that exceed legal stipulations. Its Self-Health Management Program is tailored made for employees. Case managers follow up on health examination results by tracking abnormalities, such as making referral appointments, following up regularly and providing health education, maintaining complete records of employee health indicators, and analyzing and classifying health examination results for management. Special operations employees are included in the cases for follow-up. In addition, health promotion activities targeting commonly seen abnormalities are conducted to provide relevant care and ensure employee health. Furthermore, UMC employs doctors to provide employees with health counseling services as well as preventive services such as special examination and out-of-pocket vaccination to help employees take a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle.



LOHAS Workplace : Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

UMC believes that employees are its most important asset, and that having healthy and happy employees is key to high productivity in a corporation. In addition to providing a safe and healthy working environment, an employee oriented LOHAS workplace that integrates benefits, vitality and public service is created. Through a diversity of activities, creativity and vitality are nurtured in the work and lives of employees.



Occupational Hygiene and Health Promotion

In addition to conducting periodic work environment evaluations, UMC has developed Similar Exposure Groups (SEGs) to weigh the risks for each work group. UMC's assessments are based on risk levels that evaluate the priority of risks to establish economical and comprehensive risk assessment measures. Therefore, the work environment assessment results are representative and will be the bases for continuing improvement and management


To reduce the possibility of employee occupational accidents and to provide a more comfortable and productive work environment, UMC introduces ergonomic ideas and refers to other companies in the semiconductor industry to help employees perform their daily routines for high-risk tasks. This helps employees minimize physical strain as well as improve work efficiency.


In addition to providing periodic physical examinations to general employees and specific health examinations to those who work in more high-risk areas, UMC also hopes to help its employees balance the different aspects in their lives. UMC employs doctors to provide employees with health counseling services as well as preventive services such as special examination and out-of-pocket vaccination to help employees take a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle. UMC also promotes health improvement activities such as planning a series of Employee Health Management services to take care of the physical, mental and spiritual health of our employees and their family members. These services include establishing a health management information portal, implementing diverse physical examinations, and holding various health improvement activities with local government, hospitals and organizations.



Infectious Diseases Control

UMC pays significant attention to management and control toward infectious disease outbreaks. We assign a special unit to collect relevant information and publicize it in UMC's intranet portal to remind employees of hygiene issues during daily activities and travel. As for special acute infectious diseases, an epidemic prevention team has been formed by GRM&ESH. The health management department will map out the preventive measures by analyzing the infected path and the pandemic level for each disease and announce relevant countermeasures according to the Center of Disease Control.


For infectious diseases such as bird flu or others, UMC will conduct monitoring and prevention measures based on established prevention protocols for such diseases. In addition, UMC will educate its employees about infectious diseases as a precautionary measure.

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