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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall comprise of members from the Company's independent directors. The Committee's goal is to assist the Board of Directors (“the Board”) to enhance the management mechanism and to improve corporate governance for the Company’s sustainable development. The objectives of the Committee are as follows:


  1. To constitute the nomination policy and succession plans of the directors and the executives, then to search, review and propose the candidate list of the directors and the executives accordingly.
  2. To construct and develop the operation of the Board and the sub-committees, as well as to plan and execute the performance assessment of the Board, sub-committees and executive(s).
  3. To enhance corporate sustainability strategies and the corporate governance system and practices in order to protect the interests of stakeholders.


There are 4 members in the Nominating Committee. The members of the Committee, with professional skills in the fields of science, technology, corporate strategy and business administration, can contribute to operation and decision making of the Committee.


In 2020, the Nominating Committee met 2 times, reviewed the Company’s achievement on corporate sustainability, climate change, corporate governance, ethical management, risk management and IP management.

Nominating Committee Information


Jyuo-Min Shyu Ph.D.


Wenyi Chu Ph.D.


Lih J. Chen Ph.D.


Kuang Si Shiu.


Wen-Hsin Hsu Ph.D.


Planning and Nominating Board Members

According to Article 192-1 of the Company Act and Article 12 of UMC’s Articles of Incorporation, the directors of UMC shall be elected at a shareholders’ meeting through a nominating system.


The nomination and election procedures of UMC's directors shall take account of organizational culture of the Company, business model of semiconductor industry and needs for long-term development. The criteria established to ensure the diversity of the Board members shall include Basic criteria and shared visions, Professionalism, Corporate sustainability and communal participation.


The Planning of UMC’s director candidates will be recommended by Board members, management team and community leaders, then reviewed and nominated by the Nominating Committee with the candidates’ education, experiences, professionalism and independence under the Policy for Nomination and Election of Directors of the Company. The List of director candidates will be approved by board meeting and nominated during the period of nomination announced by the Company.


Talent Cultivation and Inheritance for Senior Management

In line with the company's future development strategy and operational needs, UMC has formulated a talent cultivation and inheritance plan for senior management that includes complete talent development policies and directions for executives and senior management trained under a succession plan framework, blueprint and development roadmap. This plan has also been clearly defined and included in the Nomination Committee Organizational Rules.


The company's talent cultivation focuses on the principle of linking the company's future development strategies, balancing organizational needs, supervisor expectations, and talents and abilities required for personal careers to plan leadership strategies.


In addition to reviewing implementation results within the company, relevant plans are reviewed in management mechanisms such as policies and KPIs (Key Performance Index), and also included in implementation results. Progress and plans are reported to the responsible unit, senior executives, and the nomination committee/board of directors.


The content of this plan includes various senior management related training. The status regarding 2020 annual implementation was reported during the 5th Nominating Committee meeting of the 2nd term and the 19th Board meeting of the 14th term.


Senior Management Training Implementation Status

2020 annual training courses summary for senior management:


Course Title




【2020 Master Forum】Global Economic Trends: Populism, COVID-19 and Negative Interest Rates




【Legal Course】Introduction of Trade Secrets Act




【Executive Program】Financial-Driven Capital Budgeting and Management Decision Quality




China-US Economic and Trade Confrontation and Global Changes: Trends and Impact Strategies




【2020 Master Forum】Business Changes and Challenges in the Next Ten Years




Three lines of Defense of Internal Control and Practical Case Sharing