UMC Chung-Laung Liu Doctoral Scholarship

In light of Taiwan's semiconductor industry's need for more outstanding doctoral talents to invest in front-end research, the UMC Science and Culture Foundation has established the "UMC Dr. Chung-Laung Liu Doctoral Scholarship" to commemorate the lifelong dedication of Dr. Chung-Laung Liu to the cultivation of technology talents and to nurture talent for the industry. This scholarship aims to encourage outstanding doctoral students to focus on academic research and technological innovation, thereby enhancing the overall strength of Taiwan's semiconductor industry.


Regulations and Qualifications for the UMC Chung-Laung Liu Doctoral Scholarship


The UMC Science and Culture Foundation (“the Foundation”) established this doctoral scholarship to commemorate Dr. Chung-Laung Liu and to encourage academic research and technological innovation by doctoral students.



The scholarship is intended for full-time doctoral students, starting from the first year, enrolled in the School of Engineering at specified universities, and conducting research in the fields of semiconductor devices, processes, materials, equipment, and associated technologies in Taiwan. Students enrolled in the following universities are eligible for the scholarship:

National Taiwan University, National Tsing-Hua University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University, National Sun Yat-sen University, National Central University, National Chung Hsing University, National Chung Cheng University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taipei University of Technology.


3. Scholarship Quota and Amount

New scholarships are limited to ten students per academic year (excluding recipients of scholarships the prior year). Each doctoral candidate can receive NT$40,000 per month for up to four consecutive years. The Foundation will review academic research results, publications in papers and journals, academic performance, and other information of scholarship recipients to determine continuation of scholarship for the following academic year.


4.Application Documents

  • Academic transcripts

     (including doctoral programs, graduate programs, undergraduate programs, and rank certificates).

  • Letter of recommendation from doctoral advisor.

  • Declaration statement stating that the applicant is not currently in receipt of other scholarships or funding from the government, and is not engaged in full-time or part-time salaried work in public or private institutions (research project subsidies and scholarships from the National Science and Technology Council, the Ministry of Education, or other government units are excluded from this requirement).

  • Research achievements or participation in relevant competitions. International journals, seminars, academic papers or patent applicants are preferred; those who have proposed, are under review, or have passed said competitions are all welcome to apply. Information including the cover is limited to 11 pages. Documents over the page limit will not be accepted.

  • Personal Data Protection Act Rights Notification Consent Form.


5. Application Period and Submission

  • May 1st to May 31th each year.

  • Applicants, including those who are applying for continuation of scholarships, should fill in the application material available on the official website of UMC (https://www.umc.com/zh-TW/Html/scholarships) during the application period. The application and PDF files of the required documents, should be submitted before the application deadline, and will not processed if received after the deadline.

  • The forms, written materials, and electronic files submitted by the applicant will not be returned regardless of whether a scholarship is granted. Please do not submit original copies of documents.


6. Selection and Award

  • Review of scholarship applicants is based on papers or academic performance as the main evaluation items, and recipients are determined by the review committee under the Foundation. If necessary, the Foundation may arrange for the applicant to present their research results before confirming scholarships.

  • The Foundation announces the list of recipients in August every year and arranges for a scholarship ceremony.

  • The annual disbursement period of the scholarship is from August of the current year to July of the following year, and is issued on a monthly basis.


7.Rights, Obligations, and Restrictions

  • Scholarship recipients will be given priority in applying for job interviews, R&D substitute service interviews, or internship opportunities at UMC.

  • The thesis and graduation thesis published by the recipient should include the following statement: "This research was supported by UMC Fellowship”.

  • The Foundation may arrange senior executives from UMC to serve as lecturers, and invite recipients to conduct research exchanges, academic discussions, and other activities during the scholarship period no more than twice a year, and the time and place will be subject to future arrangement.

  • Except for those who receive the research project subsidies and scholarships from the National Science Council, the Ministry of Education or other government units, if the recipients have any of the following reasons during the scholarship period, the Foundation may immediately terminate payment or recover the scholarship grants that have been issued :

  • Receiving other scholarships or public funds
    1. Engage in full-time or part-time salaried employment in other public or private organizations.
    2. Leaving the university due to suspension, withdrawal, graduation or other reasons (the recipient or the university administration must take the initiative to notify the Foundation).
    3. For recipients who demonstrate excellence during the scholarship period, they will be given priority for job openings at UMC and receive a favorable salary.

8.Regulations and qualifications, and any subsequent revisions, are effective after receiving approval from the Board of Directors of the Foundation.


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