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Green Products and Services

Green Product

In addition to the dedication to providing core products with market competitiveness to meet our customers’ demands, as a citizen of the Earth, UMC has also taken on the responsibility of developing green products with efforts to cherish resources and protect the environment starting from the source. In addition to reducing resource consumption and unnecessary pollution during the production process, we have taken our efforts a step further to acquire green factory certificates to strive to be a good green role model.

How We Manage :


  1. In addition to complying with all applicable laws, regulations and standards, we have applied even higher standards for ourselves with the priority of replacing hazardous substances.
  2. We will promote green purchasing with proper management of hazardous substances within the production process starting from the source.
  3. Independent Green Chemical Product Research and Development
  4. Our process designs are heading towards slim and compact sizes to reduce material consumption, yet they also feature high performance and low power consumption.
  5. We will promote reduction of greenhouse gas emission, saving of energy and resources, and reduction of waste generated during the production process.
  6. We will promote the recycling and reuse of raw materials and product packaging materials.



Green Product Liability

In June 2006, UMC completed Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) and has received IECQ QC080000 qualification, which made UMC the first semiconductor manufacturer in the world to achieve QC080000 HSPM for all fabs. To ensure the products provided to customers meet international standards and customer requirements like EU RoHS, EU REACH, Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer et al., we tried our best to reduce environmental impact and to reach customer request.


Regarding product safety, UMC poses no direct potential threats to its customers or the general public since UMC does not have its own end products. However, to ensure that products provided to customers meet international standards and customer requirements, UMC established a cross-divisional HSPM committee to improve the efficacy of green product management. We have completed third-party QC080000 IECQ certification for management of hazardous substances to ensure that UMC provides products that conform with RoHS directives and customers' requirements.


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