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Eco Echo Award


Since UMC began promoting various greenhouse gas voluntary reduction plans and measures in 1999, the company has passed Environmental Protection Administration reviews in its reduction performance and obtained reduction amounts (i.e. carbon credits) in the GHG Early Action Project stage.

In 2014, UMC signed Taiwan's first Environmental Protection Administration approved carbon credits transaction with Dragon Steel. In support of Taiwan's environmental and ecological conservation, UMC used all its revenue from the carbon rights transaction to launch the Eco-Echo Ecological Conservation Hope Project. The project includes both conservation and education, and aims to promote environmental biodiversity and species rejuvenation, and enhance environmental protection awareness. It is hoped that through the project, Taiwan's local ecologies can continue to be protected.


The first Eco Echo Award was officially launched in 2016 on the eve of Earth Day on April 21. A total prize of NT$1 million was offered to sponsor quality ecological conservation programs. Since its second year, more partners have joined the Eco Echo Award, and as of 2018, total prize amount has reached NT$3 million to support and encourage more ecological conservation groups. We hope that the Eco Echo Award can inspire co-prosperity between the Company and the environment, and establish solid guardianship for Taiwan's ecological environment.



Plants are green because of their chlorophyll, which is used in photosynthesis. "Green" represents positive energy for the ecology. The Eco Echo Award gathers green energy, bringing together outstanding plans and ideas for a friendly environment to inspire greater energy.



Over the last 3 years, the Eco Echo Award has helped fulfill 14 ecological conservation projects all over Taiwan.




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